Saturday, July 6, 2019

DeTomaso P72 - Beautiful inspired design

A beautiful exotic car. Finally someone got inspired by the Alpha Romeo Stradale T33.
DeTomaso has a history behind this car:
DeTomaso P72 history

DeTomaso SuperCar

Monday, April 22, 2019

Hololens 2 TheVerge review

Hololens-1 is already a very impressive piece of tech, Hololens 2 is pushing it even farther.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Herovision Transformers AR experience

Herovision BumbleBee AR experience

Also has an additional toy you can attach to the hand and use with the Herovision experience:

Review from THEVERGE about the nintendo LABO VR set. I like the aspect of linking physical play patterns with the digital world; is not an easy balance, but seems that Nintendo had a great take on it. It is great for what it is; a casual experience. Holding all that weight with the hands during the whole experience is probably the less compelling part for the user experience.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Using VR with the Samsung Odyssey HMD + Dell Inspiron 15 with GeForce GTX 1060

At home, I've been using the Samsung Odyssey HMD for about a year so far, with a Dell Inspiron 15 and 1060 GeForce GTX and I'm extremely satisfied with this configuration.

What is to love?

1) Mobility: I can go anywhere with my VR setup and play at friends homes.

2) Windows Mixed Reality: with the PC configuration I'm able to use Oculus, STEAM and Viveport games; I have the best of all worlds combined.

3) Not only for VR: I still have a superb laptop that I can use for heavy duty stuff (3D, video editing, real time, gaming, etc.)

4) Controllers: the helmet captures the controller movements (6Dof) with inside-out cameras mounted in the front of the HMD. It is limited to the range of the cameras angles, but it more than enough to have a great experience.

5) Content: The immersion and experience obtained while using VR makes me hesitant to play any tripleA game in normal way (flat screen); I'm more engaged to buy TripleA games that support VR than any other option; my next buy probably will be SkyrimVR or FalloutVR. On a rocky start with Doom VFR, after some patches and new locomotion solutions, I'm having a blast with the game. So, VR is my new gaming platform from now and ahead; not going back to flatty, this is my dream come true.

6) Helmet: The image and resolution is excellent; the "screen door" effect is minimal. The audio is also great; it has headphones included in the frame. The nose part needs to be improved; this is my only complain.

Now, it required some time to setup everything to run nice and smooth; since I'm a techy guy, I felt comfortable with it. The setup is not perfect, but I'm having a big win on the ratio between benefits vs setup headaches; it worth it.

Just wanted to share this experience, hope it helps when planning to buy or update a VR setup.

Marvel HeroVision Augmented Reality Iron Man

I was able to help with this AR/MR project.

Marvel Hero Vision Augmented Reality Iron Man

Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man A/R Experience from Hasbro

Hasbro Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision AR Toy

Monday, November 6, 2017

Military Base Doll House

I just notice a new play pattern on my daughter, or just a new change on the content that she is consuming?

Here is her version of a "Military Base":