Thursday, October 30, 2014

Air Balloons

Each time that I have something marauding my head, I have to draw it.

Automobile Concept

I'm 3D modeling a version my own concept car Inspired in the american muscle car design. I also want to recreate the style of the car illustrations made with airbrush; I found one of this illustration in an airbrush book and I did it in airbrush in my college years for a "presentation" course.

Initial sketches.

Here are some of the initial approaches playing around with the 3D software:

Front Camera

Back Camera

The style or expression objective is to reproduce that "airbrush" feeling using the cel shaders from 3DStudioMax. 

These are the partial results:

Ortogonal Top Camera

Ortogonal Side Camera

Ortogonal Front Camera

Also did a pass with the Unity3D viewer.

Car 3D