Saturday, December 20, 2014

UI/UX Acronyms

I'm going to start collecting UI acronyms.

UI/UX : "User Interface / User eXperience"

HW/SW : "HardWare and SoftWare"

OOBE: " Out Of the Box Experience"

"10 foot Experience" (no acronym, weird): refers to the living room entertainment experience and its parts (home theater, Xbox, PlayStation, game consoles, PC, media manager, surround sound systems, Virtual Reality, etc.) all these being experienced and controlled from the sofa.

Free Content and the couch experience

Now the topic is how to make all this FREE content be experienced form the comfort of the sofa in the living room.
Google with its "chromecast" is seizing the moment. But still chromecast its restringed to work only with some apps.
The ideal situation is to use the PC power with videos and free games from the sofa.

Image result for chromecast

Ahora el asunto es como pasar o hacer que todo este contenido GRATIS se puede experienciar desde la comodidad del sofa de la sala de entretenimiento.
google con su "Chromecast" esta tratando de aprovechar esta situacion. Pero todavia le falata ya que esta restringido a ciertas apps.
Lo ideal es poder usar el PC con sus videos y juegos gratis desde el sofa.

Free Content and a OVA TV Antenna

The government of some countries guarantee to their people the right to have access to public information. Therefore, the TV broadcasters have to provide free content on signal over-the-air (OVA). The channels that are transmitted by air for free and are the state channels or province and are high definition (1920 x 1080). FREE. It is a matter of using an aerial antenna and one can easily get 6 or 7 free HD channels (at least here in Vancouver, Canada).

Using some info from the internet I designed my own OVA antenna that I can use indoors. Here is a picture of it:

Indoor OVA antenna

There are also free movies on Google. Look for one in YouTube; several classics are free. There are several free anime too.

Many web games are also free:
Adicting Games,
CartoonNetwork, etc.

Desmaterialization - dematerialization

I'm tired of buying things at all time. And it is a real personal problem specially if one is living in a society based on consumption.

My daily favorite "game" is try to achieve passing the day without spending a dollar. It is very difficult to achieve, because there is always an excuse or a thing where one has to spend a buck or pay a commission of something or buy something online.

Ya estoy cansado de estar comprando cosas todo el tiempo. Y es un verdadero problema personal en especial si uno esta viviendo en una sociedad basada en el consumo.

Mi "juego" favorito diario es tratar de lograr que pase el dia sin gastar un peso o un dolar en este caso. Es bien dificil de lograr, porque siempre hay alguna excusa o cosa en la que uno tiene que soltar un billete o pagar alguna comision de algo, o comprar algo online.

Fantasy interfaces

I've been watching several websites were some UX and UI designers are curating all the user interfaces used in the sci-fi movies. Very interesting, specially watching the possibilities for the future of the human interactions with things and computers.

Here some links for Fantasy Interfaces:

Inventing Interactive,

Ash Thorp - Siggraph 2012

Noteloop - Kit Fantasy Interfaces