Thursday, September 17, 2015

3D printing with the FORM1+ : more pictures

Here are more pictures with the results of printing parts for my PLAY-BIG toys collection. I also printed a vintage Lego helmet.

My vintage german toys blog

Here I'm adding a link to the PLAY-BIG RETRO blog if you want to see more details and pictures about the 3D print batch.

The highlighted zones are some of the parts reproduced in 3D printing with the FORM1+.

3D printed parts:
-wiper blade,
-Mercedes-Benz logo
-Unimog plate logo
-Bumper Flag 

3D printed parts 2:
-Door lever or door lock

-Extra: vintage Lego Castle helmet

The helmet didn't print well: walls too thin; needs adjustment.

The flag, plate and unimog plate needs wall thickness adjustments.

The FORM1+ printer is great for this small detailed parts. 

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