Friday, September 11, 2015


Some time ago we were playing cards in the living room with the great-grandma (and she still kickin'!) and we were drawing cards in the middle of a Rumi-Q game, when she says something like: "hey, pass me that card with the solferino color...". For the first time in my life I heard that word and sounded so flamboyant and vintage. I asked her if she were talking about "gobelinos", which is an old art of making wall textiles; she told me that she wasn't referring to that, she was specifically saying "solferino". After a while of hassling with explanations and descriptions about one thing or the other, she finally explained to me that "solferino" is the same color that we call today "magenta" or "hot pink". I was so surprise and amaze of such a beautiful word used on that time was a right match for such a exotic color as magenta. Later on those days I looked for it on the web to find more about the history of the weird word "solferino" and few results were giving back by the net, but enough luck I had that I found this picture on the web, which is the living proof that great-grandma was right.

We laughed that day for hours about this "solferino" deal. I still enjoy remembering about this discovery.

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