Friday, March 24, 2017

Reebok Transparent Display

I'm interested in using this technology: I saw a perfect transparent display used in a crystal box in the SportsCheck stores. Inside the box there was a snicker and in frontal glass face of the cube there were monochromatic info about the brand being displayed, in a passive matrix display type.

Corning Transparent Displays for Retail

Metaio AR used in stores

Metaio AR now is Apple's AR.

Morgan the Pirate

Character from an old game we did for Nestle Nesquik. I’m testing several ways to express the polygons; while the boots are flat polys, some other parts look too smooth. However, I’m exploring the mix of some angular shapes and smoothing groups; it can be promising. I haven’t applied texture maps yet.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Twister with Ada and Ralph

Poking the brain for ideas around an AR game concept. I want to see this as game.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

BRIDGE by Occipital

Occipital is pushing farther the AR on iphones was another kickstarter project well funded. Also from Occipital.

RESCAPE : AR mobile game

Another AR game: RESCAPE. Also was on Kickstarter, but it was cancelled.

META when it was starting on Kickstarter

Meta, the AR company, the competition of the Microsoft HoloLens. When it was starting; now they are at Meta 2. Seems that the FOV (Field Of View) is wider than hololens; Meta claims 90 degree on FOV.

META website AR game

Interesting game concept, seems to be still in development.

Stand for Tag Heuer Smartwatch Craddle

This is a work done with the help of a friend, who asked me to 3D design a stand for a Tag Heuer Smartwatch cradle, since they were non existent (at that time). Another requirement was to use the least amount of material possible.

First sketches, then some measures to the smartwatch cradle. Later 3D design in 3D software. And iterations with 3D printing.

More testing with 3D printing prototypes.

Latest prototype, already tested with the TagHeuer smartwatch:

The latest product can be 3D printed here:

Saturday, March 11, 2017


I decided to play Dr. Frankenstein in the world of the house hacks. With some of old remaining parts of used IKEA lamps (Hemma floor lamp and Lagra clip lamp) I assembled them together with a 3D printed part I designed. Here are the results:

If you are interested in 3D printing it, here is the part in Shapeways: FrankenLamp Adaptator.
You will have to take out the clamp screw from the "Lagra" lamp and get rid of the top part of the bulb retainer in the "Hemma" lamp.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Formula 1 windshield

A die-cast car formula 1 of a 1974 McLaren, scale 1:16 had lost the windshield, in the photo below there is a reference of the original part (yellow transparent windshield):

I capture the measurements with a caliper and some reference photos with a camera. Then modeled in a 3D software and finally 3D printed. Here the result:

To celebrate the success of this piece, I'm going to watch RUSH:

Concept Background

Background concepts for a game.

Hack your car: box for media player or smartphone

Some time ago I dismantle the central console of my Mazda 5 because I noticed it had a useless black plastic piece in the center. I removed it and 3D print with the Monoprice printer my own custom box. The measures were spot on; I love this little 3D printer. Here the results:

Sunday, March 5, 2017

AR Globe toy

AR toy with a earth globe.


An AR sensor that makes any object in your livin an interruptor

An interesting way to use a kinek sensor to scan the real space in your living room, then map any fixed object in a virtual world, to use it as an switch for other smart items in the room.

New York Toy Fair 2017

Interesting points about the latest trend in the toy industry. The sense of a stronger infusion between the digital interactions with games and activities and the physical toys. The coined term is "Physital".

Physital: combination of physical and digital
Also in 2017 is about theatrical entertainment: mixing movies, IP's and toys.

More details in this video:

Friday, March 3, 2017

When I refered to Industrial Design some years ago I used to be was disappointed at what the discipline had become: superfluous consumerism and useless gadgets. Then, once I was visiting the Melinda-Bill Gates Museum at Seattle and my wife pointed me to a book in one of the benches. I started reading it and suddenly my mind went to a mindfulness state; my lost industrial designer sole went into peace with my humanity when I saw all these incredible projects around the world all dedicated to solve real big social problems in many places with such simplicity and intelligence. Design for the real world, solving real big issues; it's about simple problems but with huge implications for a large group of people from different locations and not easy solutions.

The book is starting to get slightly outdated (from 2009), needs a new refresh (accounting more on mobile communications, usability, transportation, internet, etc) but it was very refreshing. I was mesmerized, very happy; fill with inner peace and pride.

Design Revolution: 100 products that empower people

My latest acquisition: Monoprice 3D printer

I bought this Monoprice printer; the cheapest of the market.

I'm surprise how good is this 3D printer. Apart from a couple of initial glitches (nothing that one cannot solve from forums on the internet) is very fast and practical.

Monoprice 3D printer IIIP

I have been using it for one week. It's a great 3D printer for the price, and the resolution is not bad at all. workable fast desktop 3D printer. Recommended so far.

Kickstarter project : Vaquform

Interesting kickstarter project for a machine to make vacuum form at your desk. Can be very practical for small or medium prototypes.

Vaquform - Digital Vacuum former