Friday, March 3, 2017

When I refered to Industrial Design some years ago I used to be was disappointed at what the discipline had become: superfluous consumerism and useless gadgets. Then, once I was visiting the Melinda-Bill Gates Museum at Seattle and my wife pointed me to a book in one of the benches. I started reading it and suddenly my mind went to a mindfulness state; my lost industrial designer sole went into peace with my humanity when I saw all these incredible projects around the world all dedicated to solve real big social problems in many places with such simplicity and intelligence. Design for the real world, solving real big issues; it's about simple problems but with huge implications for a large group of people from different locations and not easy solutions.

The book is starting to get slightly outdated (from 2009), needs a new refresh (accounting more on mobile communications, usability, transportation, internet, etc) but it was very refreshing. I was mesmerized, very happy; fill with inner peace and pride.

Design Revolution: 100 products that empower people

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