About Me

I'm Jairo Fula, I work on Interaction Design, Industrial and Product Design, Game Design and Motion Design. A friend called me once a "technologist", I feel comfortable with the term since I like to blend Art and Technology in usable physical products or interactive entertainment mixing the latest available technology.

I started working as an Industrial Designer intern at Whirlpool, Italy; the design on those objects are mainly the graphic interfaces. Since then, I got interested in the field.

The computer graphics evolution is providing more tools to fast flesh out the creativity, which helped me to get involved with 2D/3D animation and 3D modeling.

Getting involved with games was somehow happening while developing web and multimedia, and getting in the fast pace production system of the Internet content.

This is the best time to be working on this field. Now, tablets, mobiles, car systems are requesting more detailed information or more manipulation from the user. This is the work of an Interface Designer: to provide the right information at the right moment and having a great experience at the same time.

This blog is dedicated as an idea bucket. So many sketches and doodles that are being generated daily, I do not want to lose a chance for a good idea being archived in a drawer or lost in a pile of papers. Instead I prefer it to be lost in the ethereal of the Internet; some day that little doodle can find a creative planet where to land and spawn in a finished product.

So you will see a lot of sketches, doodling, comics, experiments, designs, and Work In Progress (WIP) stuff in this blog.

With my brother we are sustaining a portal for creativity named Fulaki and also a small website called SnackGamez, where I'm also testing games concepts. Hopefully these ideas will evolve to more polished concepts.

Other projects are Fulaki 3D printing store in Shapeways, where I'm producing and reconstructing physically designs for toys and house furniture.

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